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The time cannot be reduced because the loan agreement is for 12 months tenure.
The down payment cannot be reduced because it as a registration fee and commitment to the loan provisioning. However, Y9 can enable the customer to pay the registration fee in instalments, however, the device shall not be handed over until the full registration fee has been paid.
The interest rate will increase since the loans were designed for 12months.
The daily payment cannot be reduced because 2000Tsh is fixed for 12months loan.
It takes 5-10 minutes depending on the internet strength of that area.
The person needs to have an identity number of either National ID(NIDA), Driver’s license or a voter’s ID and should be affiliated with a registered organization or formal group.
The Y9 device has a higher price than that in the market because the Y9 device includes other value added services like Insurance, Credit Check, Phone lock system (for safety) and you will enjoy Y9 microfinance services.
The customer’s phone will be locked if does not pay within the agreed duration that is 3days, however it will be unlocked once payment is done.
The phone will be replaced after thorough verification because it is covered by the insurance.
The customer support number is only available during weekdays from 0800hrs to 1700hrs and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.
Yes, it will be displayed in the Y9 customer application.
The phone will be replaced within 1 day if the customer comes with the required documents (Police report, Phone number and copy of an ID).
This will have resulted to the breach of customer contract agreement with Y9.

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